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The MASTERS Effect

The Masters golf tournament is arguably one of the biggest and well-known tournaments in the sport of Golf. Something that sets the Masters tournament

Scott Brantley

“Last year, more private jets flew to The Masters than the Super Bowl. The Augusta Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau estimates Augusta gains more than $36 million in revenue during Masters Week, with a total economic impact of almost $110 million.”


The Masters golf tournament is arguably one of the biggest and well-known tournaments in the sport of Golf. Something that sets the Masters tournament apart from all the others is it is held at the same golf course, Augusta National Golf Club around the same time every year, which is the first full week in April. The Masters golf tournament has a significant impact on the city of Augusta, Georgia, both economically and culturally, year in and year out.

  1. Employment and Job Market during tournament season:

    The Augusta Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau estimates that the Masters creates over 4,000 temporary jobs in the leisure and hospitality industry alone.

  2. Community Involvement and Philanthropic Efforts: Along with supporting local businesses and creating jobs, The Masters has contributed millions of dollars towards education, healthcare, and other charitable causes.

  3. Tourisim: 4,100 airport operations — landings and takeoffs — during the 10 days of Masters traffic. That compares to 3,328 during the same period in 2019.

The tournament brings in a substantial amount of revenue to Augusta and the surrounding areas. This revenue comes from various sources such as ticket sales, merchandise sales, hospitality services, and tourism-related activities. Hotels, restaurants, and local businesses often experience a surge in customers during the tournament week, leading to increased sales and profits. The tournament attracts visitors from all over the world, boosting tourism in Augusta. Many golf enthusiasts travel to the city specifically to attend the tournament, explore the Augusta National Golf Club, and experience the local culture.

This influx of tourists contributes to the city's economy and helps support jobs in the hospitality and tourism industries. In turn, the city, along with the ANGC invests in infrastructure improvements and beautification projects to prepare for the tournament. Roads are repaved, parks are landscaped, and public facilities are upgraded to enhance the overall appearance of Augusta. These improvements not only benefit residents but also create a more welcoming environment for visitors. Also, the Masters has a tradition of supporting charitable causes in the Augusta area. Proceeds from the tournament are often donated to local organizations and initiatives, benefiting the community and addressing social needs such as education, healthcare, and youth development.

The Augusta Regional Airport experiences a staggering increase in flights during tournament time as well. It is common for them to add several direct flights above what is already offered to make it easier for people to travel as well.

In relation to the local real estate market, “Masters Week” is a time for agents to showcase listings to people who may not typically know about a property. It is not uncommon for a corporation to be in town for the tournament and consider relocating or opening another location in the Augusta market. It is important for real estate professionals, especially on the commercial side to take advantage of the increased reach in marketing and use this week to land a potential client. At the very least, the Masters tournament can be a great opportunity to network and gain connections that they would not typically make. It is important to remember that every business deal starts with a handshake and introduction, so the more you make, the greater your chances are for turning an introduction into a deal.

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